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Wargame Airland Battle: Beta Patch

30.04.13 06:20 - Par Socros

Wargame:European Escalation

Actuellement en phase beta, Wargame Airland Battle se voit doté d'un patch pour corriger de nombreux bugs et aussi ajouter deux nouvelles cartes.

Voici le changelog:

- fixing a bug that was freezing a game and was preventing players to leave when one of player had been dropped out.
- fixing a bug that was blocking the messages in the social chat. As a result, the chat should now always work correctly.
- fixing a bug that was allowing to deploy veteran units infinitely. (thx to Drrty & Enohka for the video )
- fixing a bug on AP/HE weapons that was displaying HE = 1 for weapons that did not have such damage.
- the 'Unit per company' and "Icon type' UI options are now applied to the multi-selection as well.
- fixing a bug allowing a player to give order to the enemy units. (thx to Buck Turgidson )
- fixing a bug that could crash the game when ordering a plane to attack infantry units about to load in a vehicle.
- fixing a bug causing a crash when more than 9 planes are stacked in the airfield (happens when a player quite and his teammate gets his planes).

No tuning change yet, it will come with so-imminent-it-is-almost-in-your-reach deck creation. But in the meantime, this patch today introduce two new maps to keep you waiting:
- Gavle, to be played in 3v3 & 4v4
- Gol, to be played 1v1 & 2v2