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Wargame Airland Battle: Beta Patch v253

30.04.13 16:33 - Par Socros

Wargame:European Escalation

Ce matin nous vous parlions d'un petit patch correctif pour la beta de Wargame Airland Battle avec l'ajout de deux cartes. Sauf que les développeurs ont décidé de sortir un deuxième patch bien plus conséquent cette après midi dont la création des decks. Voici le changelog:

Enter your PROFILE and push the DECK button.
CREATE to ... create a new deck depending on the FACTION. Chose SELECT BONUS if you want to make a national and/or thematic and/or era deck.
All decks must be named.

Now, one thing you must be waarned about pre-made decks. They have suffered a bit in the last availability/pack tuning process. Some units (especially in the Recon & Command categories) are set at 0 per pack because the veterancy level they were before has changed. It is the case for the Polish deck, which has no mor recon as of now.
This has been pre-made here, but it will come later: we'd rather deliver deck creation now and let you create your own deck or fix the pre-made ones yourself (just "Copy" the fix deck, edit the copy, remove the "0" unit and retake it with its proper availability) than delay the feature anymore (tomorrow being a day-off in France). If you can wait, they shall be fixed by another patch soon.
Besides, you may find some difference between or "thematic" (Marine, Armored, ...) deck and what you can no make, for at the time ours were made, the "Thematic" limitation wasn't active: so we've made them "as if" they were thematical, but some units' availability may have changed since. But the good thing is that, by doing real thematic decks now, you'll have all the bonus that go with them ...  

No, some balancing:

-    Mortars are less accurate and have their range slightly reduced.
-    Tube artillery’s time between two salvos increased by about 20%.
-    Slight increase of accuracy for the late-era heavy tube guns (Malka / M110A2).
-    Adjustments of MANPAD’s price from 5 to 15$ according to their “generation”.
-    2-men MANPAD crews (hence all but the RBS-70) missiles loadout decreased from 6 to 4.
-    Increasing helicopters survivability to planes by decreasing the later’s canon range against them and removing the ability to target them with radar-guided missile. Also, choppers hovering just above the ground can’t be targeted by air-to-air weaponry.
-    Some size changes, including choppers.
-    Increase of efficiency of “Flak” guns against planes.
-    Rate of fire of disposable infantry anti-tank weapons increased (M72 LAW, Miniman, RPG-75).
-    Fixing some units/weapons name.
-    Increase of flamethrower’s efficiency (still a problem with the FX though).

-    T-34/85 price decreased from 15$ to 10$.
-    KPV range against air target increased to 1050m.
-    AK-74 accuracy increased to 8.
-    AK-47 (and variants) accuracy increased to 7.
-    BMPT price increased from 45 to 55$.
-    Adding the missing AA HMG on top of the East-German KPz T-55 & Czechoslovakian T-55K1.
-    Removing the T-62cz’s ATGM.

-    LAV-M price increased from 20 to 25$
-    M48A5 USMC now has its proper main gun, not the same (placeholder) as the M60A1 USMC.
-    All SMG (Sterling, C1 SMG, Hovea, Kpist m/45, …) accuracy reduced to 4 at long range. However, they get much more accurate at close quarter range.
-    Norwegian M48A5 price reduced from 30$ to 25$.
-    AML 60 Serval’s smoke round now has the same range as the HE rounds.
-    All Centurion’s fuel efficiency have been increased by 50%.
-    AMX-13/90’s KE rounds have been replaced by HEAT rounds.
-    Cayuse & Scout Defender optics decreased to Very Good. Price set at 50 & 60$ respectively.
-    Roland I missile is no more radar guided and HE damaged increased from 4 to 5 (same as Roland II). AMX-30 Roland I price increased from 40 to 45$.
-    VEAK 40 now has its real guns, previous ones were (forgotten) placeholders.
-    FV102 Striker price increased from 30 to 40$. Swingfire missile damages decreased from 22 to 20 AP.
-    FV510 Warrior price decreased from 40 to 30$.
-    M50 Ontos price increased from 20 to 30$. MG changed to M1919.
-    Centurion AVRE now have HEAT capacity to represent HESH rounds.
-    Leopard 1A3-DK now has the 105mm L7 gun normal RoF (8 rpm).
-    Strv 103B (and command variant) fires KE rounds instead of HEAT ones.
-    JA37 Viggen two Rb 28 long-range missiles changed to four Rb 24 short-range ones. Price increased from 110 to 115$.

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