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Interview of Milknova

Par Anywhere91 - Edition du : 03 March 2006 - Créé le : 27 November 2005

Interview of Milknova

Creator of : Operation Overlord: Free Europe (with Mrfrost72) / Apocalypse  - Guadalcanal / Winter offensive / Charkow may 1942 (RT) / La ville / Village / Kursk 1943 (RT) / Falaise 1944 (CCM2).

Interview : Milknova

1. First of all, thank you for answering our questions and can you introduce yourself in a few words to the French-speaking readers ?

Bonjour, my name is Ben i come from Germany and am using the alias milknova in the Blitzkrieg Community. I play Blitzkrieg since its release date and got all Blitzkrieg-engine games - but not the Total challenge series and TDA.

2. What is your profile as a player ? Which other games have you played ?

I play PC Games since the age of 8 i think. Started my "Games-career" with DOS Games, went over to Strategy Games like "The Settlers", Command & Conquer and also played a lot of Sport and Action games. After playing years of Warcraft II and Command & Conquer i played in a Counter-Strike Clan for about 1 Year (not quite sure how long exactly).

After that i moved on with different RTS Games such as Suddenstrike I and II, ending with Blitzkrieg I and II these years - although Blitzkrieg II in my opinion is not a "real" RTS game.

3. Has Blitzkieg been your first Real Time Stategy game ?   If not, which one(s) ? ( such as Sudden, Codename Panzer, Desert’s Rats,...)

As i said i played a lot of other RTS games before Blitzkrieg, but i think not even one "forced me" to play it such a long time. Sudden Strike was quite a good game, i still like it - it was my "way" into the WW2 RTS Section.

4. How did you happen to “map” on Blitzkrieg and what skills and assets make you stick to this game ?

Well i started mapping since the first months BK was released. I created a few maps without any script or something - that was quite miserable to play but at that time the script knowledge in the community was actually not existent.

First i created a lot of Maps with the nickname "Soldat", i think the first Normandy Maps had about 30.000 Downloads altogether up to this day - that was quite impressive for me, although these maps were lack of details and not very strategical. I liked the Mapping in BK cause of the great detailed 2D graphics - it was a bit like modeling "real" models or something. You have to be creative but you also have nearly all freedoms you need to create a battlefield.

I started mapping in this way with Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike II, the 2D graphics made it easy and fun to create your own landscape to play with. I think if BK had a 3D Engine like BKII has, i would have never started to map anything.

5. Some of you probably have a job in relation with computing. Has Blitzkrieg been of some help in your job or in your knowledge of computing ?

I still go to school so i dont have any knowledge of BK involved in my school. No job yet - maybe i will do something with computers later tough.

6. Can you talk about your motivations or about the pleasure you get from your creations ?  Do you think this will help you in your professional or personal life ?

Well i got a lot of Feedback from all over the world about my maps. One i will never forget was a guy from Kanada or something, i think he was a trucker or had something to do with the film industry, i dont remember. He told me he played some of my Maps a lot of times and he was hoping i would do some more. Sadly i never created and more maps after these cause lack of private time.

I like to hear that people liked or still like my maps and that was - of course - a good motivation to go on. But atleast i think it had no influence on my personal life or my profession.



7. In a few sentences, could you let us know about your passion and motivations ?

See above - my passion was build via the 2D Engine which was quite impressive for me. Very detailed and perfectly to play a game like Blitzkrieg. All in all the communitys response to my maps was a good motivation but normally i motivated myself, just cause i liked (and still like) the game.

8. In this game, the history is recent enough for everybody to know but old enough to leave some space for imagination as a map creator. Which aspects are you most interested in in this part of history and  what do you think you will use ( events or battles ) in your next creations ?

First of all i have to say that i dont have much time anymore for Blitzkrieg Mapping itself - the main reason why i dont have enough time is that my work at Blitzkrieg Portal has got priority.
As i started working on the german site together with Lee from the UK, it was sure that i wont have enough time to do some good mapping beside that. I think my "mapper-career" is actually over because i set my priorities on this project. Blitzkrieg Portal has
become the most important international Blitzkrieg Site and thats why its somehow my duty to keep on working on it. I love to work for the community - although its not via mapmaking but via working on this site to make it better every day.

Relating the Topic: The most important events/battles of WWII for me, were the Battle at Kursk, the Battle at Berlin and the D-Day. I think these interest me at most but i also like the stalingrad setting for Maps for example.
Atleast this war history has nothing to do with honor or something - a lot of bad things happend throughout the war so i think you always have to think about that aspect. Also when you are creating a map.
I would be interested to do a Berlin-Chapter or something like that - if i had enough time for it.

9. The part devoted to the Pacific War ( except for a few maps or campaigns ) has been considerably under-exploited . Do you  consider creating more maps, campaigns or Mods about this zone ?

I already created one map together with mr.frost72, which was called "Apocalypse - Guadalcanal 1942" for Rolling Thunder. This was quite a good map i think. Atleast there definately is a lack of maps for this pacific scenario.

In BKII it became an quite important part as i recognized but as i dont like BKII very much, that doesnt concern me very much. I dont plan any campaigns or mods about this scenario but i would do if i had enough time of course.

10. In a few words ,could you tell us about the plans in map creation you want to carry out in the near future ?

As i said before - i would make a lot of projects live, if i had the time for it. At present i dont have time for it, but maybe later. My Mapping Carreer is finished  anyways i think. I created a lot of maps over the months and years and im proud of each one. Maybe i will do a "comeback" but im not sure yet.

11. Does the idea that you are known and recognized on this side of the Rhine ( or in England where some of you are well-known) gratifies you or motivates you more for your passion ?

I think it does yes. Mapping has always been a job for the players outside there - beside the fun that you have with mapping. Sometimes when i had lack of motivation, i was happy to see that people liked my maps i did my best to improve further maps or make something innovative.

I like to hear that people not only in germany are playing my maps and this community is (maybe through the important "Map exchange factor" of Blitzkrieg) quite international. Blitzkriegers do understand each other - thats a fact that i learned in the last 2 years.

12.  Finally, Blitzkrieg 2 has just come out and it won’t surprise you to learn that on the French side, it is fairly criticized and disparaged. As a player, what do you think of Blitzkrieg 2  and do you think you will create maps or adapt those already existing for this new opus ?

I dont think Blitzkrieg II is a good sequel. The gameplay is not blitzkrieg-like, the graphics are more spectacular then needful and the community seems to "move" into some kind of bad one including the mass-gamers of course.
I dont want to say that the mass-gamers communities are always bad ones but this kind of communities always have a touch that doesnt fit to my preferences. I prefer a small one, but a good one then.

In my opinion Nival did a lot of things wrong with Blitzkrieg II, but of course they are developers. They have to earn money with selling this game - thats why i understand they made this game. But if you ask the Blitzkrieg Community, you will find a lot of players who say that this is not the way, a sequel should have looked like. And Blitzkrieg II is the sequel to Blitzkrieg as it has a 2 in its name.


Thank you for answering this questionnaire and on behalf of all the French-speaking players, I would like to congratulate you once again on the quality of your creations and for your interest in this game .

---------anm. v. milknova:  Ich habe zu danken!

French interview version