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Interview (VO)

Créé le : 16/3/2004
Edition du : 17/3/2004
Auteur : Scherlock

Wartime Command : an exceptional interview !
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Once again, 39-45 Strategie and created the event by bringing you new information about the Codemasters's future hit : Wartime Command. Discover the revelations of the team of development in our interview.


The Q&A has been answered by Callum Godfrey, the Assistant Development Manager on Wartime Command.


1 °) At what stage of development is Wartime Command ?
Callum – Wartime Command is currently undergoing final AI revisions and tweaks to ensure that the game is ready to be tested and balanced.

2 °) What will be the big fight history represented in the game ?
Callum – You can play many famous battles from WWII, but the player only plays a section of the main action focusing on the key objectives. Depending on the mission this could mean you have anything from a handful of troops, right up to a full on Tank assault.

3 °) Could you speak to us about the solo campaign ? Has every big nation a campaign ?
There are 3 main campaigns in the game. The Axis campaign, The Eastern Front (Russian and Polish) and the Allied campaign. Each of these will be made up of single missions that follow the course and events of WWII.

4 °) Can you speak to us about the play in network ? How much players can they simultaneously participate in a battle ? Will you have your own server of game for Wartime Command ?
Callum – Depending on Connection speed you can have up to 8 players at once.

5 °) Wartime Command will integrate an editor of maps and scenarios ?
Callum – We have seen and used the editing tools for Wartime and can honestly say that they are very flexible and powerful, but at this time it’s still undecided whether we release the tools.

6 °) At which strategic level shall place the commitments: section, company or regiment ? Typically, how much units can command a player during a battle ?
This all depends on the mission, the player can use anything from a handful of soldiers, right up to a large scale custom built army! If you do well enough during the game you can gain extra resources from your superiors, which you can use to customize your army. If you want to have a massed troop ground assault you can, or you could have a few heavy tanks backed up by long-range artillery… You are the Wartime Commander, the choice is yours.

7 °) What will be the average size of a map ?
The average playing area size will be 1km2. This mans that as well as using the range of the heavy weapons troops will also be useful and not get picked off before they get in to combat range.

8 °) What will be the major innovations brought by Wartime Command with regard to the other titles of real-time strategy having for subject the second world war ?
Callum – The key points are the RPG elements of the game, where troops gain experience and skills as they fight. The troops also all have their own individual profiles and faces so as you go through the game you build up a real bond with each troop as you recognise them on the battlefield and each loss you take is a very personal experience.
In addition to this we have the most believable accuracy and real world recreation of WWII that you will have ever seen.

9 °) What are the main characteristics of Wartime Command's graphic engine ?
We have a lot of special graphical effects in the game, such as real time dynamic lighting and shadows, bump mapping, particle effects, and some gorgeous texturing and water effects. As you can tell from the screens released to date Wartime is a very pretty game!

10 °) What will be the minimal configuration to be able to play Wartime Command? In particular, a video average card will allow to play correctly ?
Callum – Like I said above, the game engine scales detail back really cleverly so specs should be reasonable. Our target is to get the game running smoothly on cards as old as a GeForce 2.

11 °) Can you speak to us about the sound atmosphere of the game, about the music, the sound effects ?
Callum – The music has been composed especially for the game and is designed to reflect the mood of your army and the situations they find themselves in. So for example at ease on a cold snowy landscape the music will be sparse, and chilling, but if the player is then ambushed and caught by surprise the music will still reflect the cold landscape but will change to reflect the panic in the players troops and the urgency of their situation.
The SFX will be extremely high quality, after we have gone to the trouble of making the tanks look so good it would be a shame if they didn’t sound good too.

12 °) Do you think of distributing a playable demo before the commercial launch of the game ?
Callum – We plan to do both a cover mount demo and a downloadable demo before release.